Vastu House plans & modern house designs offers most benefits. its like, inside sufficient ventilation, natural sunlight from perfect direction throughout the day. and hence Making of energy efficient house.

Vastu house design plan offering such a most beneficial thing is vitamin D & natural healing power obtaining from the morning sun light. which benefit us in receiving immunity to the living being & more positive energy through out the day & life span.

Same way the evening sunlight is sometime more harmful rays of sunlight UV Rays.

Vastu House plans & Modern house designs
Vastu House plans & Modern house designs

most are believed that, Vastu bylaws leads to perfect balancing arrangement of all Rooms at specified directions with reference to the moment of direction of sun. so that Vastu house plans are made by considering all such elements to get the maximum vastu benefits.

Vastu plans & Modern house designs offers perfect space plan for living, and also getting lavish living comforts at proper designing concept.

online architects, house designs, online plans, estimates
online architects, house designs, online plans, estimates

Our best efforts in combination with our Engineering expertise, delivering best services as desired concepts in lavish house Designs.

Few best samples of our House design projects for the understanding, Verity of houses based on the individual requirements & likes,

1BHK House plans, 2 BHK house plans, 3 BHK House plans

Duplex House plans,

Veried level floor plans,

Form house floor plans.

Luxury Villas floor plans,

Kerla style house plans,

House plans, 3d Designs
Vastu floor plans, 3d designs, elevations

the plans & designs are made in co-ordination with the customers individual Desires & fulfilment.

House plans, 3d Designs
Vastu floor plans, 3d designs, elevations

Tips to Prepare House Plans and points to be noted for best floor designs

Keep layouts simple. this is key to value engineering. cost of construction will comes to economic due to avoiding extra beams/lead bearing structure, a huge savings in Electrical & plumbing services roots. etc.

Tips to Prepare House Plans and points to be noted for best floor designs
Cost effective Simple Layout – Floor design technique

Must Avoid angular walls in interior as well exterior designing.

Embrace Great Room layouts: Kitchen/Dining/Living. This will provide greater flexibility for entertaining and place the Kitchen and Living at opposite ends for noise buffering, while still keeping things open visually.
Avoid unnecessary “formal” rooms. They are typically very underutilised and eat up square footage. Plus, the Dining area in a Great Room layout will accommodate large tables for holiday meals with guests.

Avoid 2-story spaces at interior designing. They are an energy/money vacuum, are very difficult to regularly clean, and don’t create the minimal intimacy all spaces should provide. (Note: This doesn’t include cathedral or similar raised ceiling treatments in 1-story spaces.)

Minimise/keep entry into Bathrooms out of view. It’s best to keep views into Bathrooms out of sight from “public” spaces like Living and Dining areas. This also makes using the Bathroom more comfortable, psychologically, for guests.

Kitchen floor design:
Don’t over-complicate Kitchen layouts. Like no.2, above, avoid angular cabinetry layouts (other than right angles).
Locate a window within the Kitchen space and/or in close proximity to Kitchen.

Kitchen floor designs FOR SMALL PLOTS
spacious House Layout designs

Inadequate storage at waist/chest height in/near kitchen I do NOT want to crouch down and reach to the back of the damn corner cupboard for the heavy steamer/rice cooker/slow cooker/processor I use every day.
Anything important upstairs If I need to go there several times a day, it better be on the main living level.
Dining Room, Breakfast Room and Outdoor Dining adjacent I once lived in a place where all the eating spaces were separated only by windows or walls. We almost achieved a critical mass of tables and chairs, who knows what might have occurred.

Don’t require Walk-in Closets. If a Walk-in Closet can’t be provided at a reasonable size, don’t force it. Strip Closets are usually maligned, but often make better sense with respect to use of space. It’s better to look at the linear feet of shelf & rod provided in a given Closet, than the type of Closet. And, consider the use of armoires instead of framed in Closets… they add character and are more flexible with respect to placement/inclusion.

Don’t get caught up with presumed “requirements”… Fireplaces being an example. Consider the climate you live in and how much practical use you will get from it. Instead, spend that money on quality doors and windows… which are far too often undervalued. (Including interior doors.)
Pay attention to Garage placement. Nothing ruins the composition and identity of a well designed house like a Garage placed in a prominent position. Do not let the Garage sit forward of the facade of the house. The Entry Door is the critical element of every home… not the Garage doors.

Spacious House Layout designs
Tips to design House plans
  • to be focus on requirement like Who lives in and visits a home?
    People. Not cars, lawn mowers, etc.
Vastu floor plans
Vastu floor plans

Master bedroom subject to street noise Children are NOT disturbed by street noise; parents most certainly are.
Indirect access from garage to kitchen Most days you will buy some sort of groceries and bring them home in your vehicle; make it easier.
Direct access from Master Bedroom to Ensuite I do NOT want to hear my loved one doing 1s and 2s.

Study without street view OR no view of front door I want to see who’s knocking.
Pool not visible from kitchen While younglings are in the pool, they need constant supervision; if I can’t get stuff done at the same time, I’m getting bored fairly quickly.
Pool gate not visible from house I do NOT want my neighbour’s child to drown in my pool because a gate which I cannot see has been left open.
Hot water tank too far from kitchen I do NOT want hot water in 2 or 3 minutes, I want it NOW.

Darkness in the heart of town The centre point of the house can be very important – let’s have some daylight there eh?
Power points way down low in the corner behind the coffee table Back in the day it made sense

We do undertake architectural design for all dimensions of plot area like.

600 sft plot 20’x30′ sites house designs,

30’x40′ plot 1200 sft plot area house designs

40’x60′ plot 2400 sft area plot site

and also we have expertise in delivering odd shape plots house plans & trapezoidal shape plot house plans. requirements will be taken & based on the requirements works will be delivered in couple of days.

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