‘Have you plan to Construction of your house on your own’?

‘Is this your 1st time experience or not familiar in build own’?

If yes..

This article sure will help you sure to build your house more professionally as per your imagination , budget & on time, there is few hints for you.. 


Before discussion on this, most likely we heard reviews by those who are build-

‘Building our own is very complicated”,

“My project got delayed”,

“Cost is not predictable”

“Imagination was deferent but building got different.

“A lot of un expected works & reworks to do”

These are the opinions we can hear from few of those peoples.

How this??? 

Hope you will get answer for all this questions shortly..

Actually it is so simple than the people think about it.  If you understand few things we are going to discuss, I hope.. You will build easily.  So that i feel, our efforts to making this article got a fruit.. Please excuse if you found my writings not so good enough.

Please lets come to the topic,..

  • Plan & schedule is must.  

“Every project has a defined Start & finish with respect to time & desired most quality”.

Here what is ‘planning & schedule’? Why is it necessary?

Maximum everything should be planed no unexpected things to lead.

Planning is bunch of complete activities (We call as Milestones), these activity will be scheduled on time. Here, Most of the activity can be done at simultaneously, since we need not to wait for completing a single activity. In fact the thing is, delayed projects are always lead to consuming extra money on your pocket budget. You should remember If we are not try to stick for defined planning & schedule definitely our budget will go somewhere else.

List the following activities, Plan & schedule it to a required time line & complete on time.

1. Prepare Drawings & necessary approvals :

  • Have your time & Fine-tune a House plan which fit to your plot location & which satisfy your complete requirements.
  • Avoid or do not change the plan on later stage, because most of revision may not support the structural design criteria or Reworks to be done which leads extra cost from your pocket.
  • Get House plan approvals & other Necessary approvals may required.
  • Necessarily gets prepared construction working Drawings & also 3D elevation drawings in this stage itself, it is really worth & it can be done at a decent price.

     2. Prepare Detailed Estimates & budget :

  • Keep calm & Prepare a budget of estimation, its good to separate it for civil & interiors, imagine to accurate the total budget, it should not cross +10% of deviation.
  • Make a plan of completion schedule & cash flow to arrange the fund according as per budgeted time line.

(At least For Step1 & 2 , I will strongly recommend, you must should take the help of a person who is an Engineer/Architect)

  1. Assign a Contractor with clear specification :

This is the important step to be followed next to Step 1 & 2, to carefully find a good contractor & assign works of up to completion of structure. About interior, all civil contractors most likely they were not good in interiors. Better to hire the work for interiors professional workers if the civil contractor is not having much experience in this. Then follow this procedure,

Choose a suitable type of contract either following below:

  • “With material turnkey contract : over all works including Labour+Construction materials
  • Without material contract : Owner will provide construction materials, contractor will depute labor & necessary tools & materials to build only
  • Contract Including Civil & interiors
  • Contract assigning separately to Civil & interiors
  1. Make sure to calculate as per Planned Budget, please note, Civil works including MEP works (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing works) like installing Lift, electrical conducting, wiring & switch plats, Plumbing works like sewage &    sanitary works & final fittings.
  1. It’s better to make a agreement with the detailed specifications with the person you going to hire the works. It will help you to avoid any confusions & smoothly completion of all works.


  2. Just watch & enjoy by Monitoring the works, quality & observing the materials to make sure all are as described brands as per our pre plan we learnt. Complete the works by this procedure.

Wish you all the best…


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  1. Mahesh raj

    Hii sir, is it safe M sand instead of river sand for my house construction?

  2. Jagannath p

    Hi, can you tell me What is best height of Ground floor level from front road level?

    1. Online Consulting Engineer

      Hii Mr jagannath, we appreciate your concern, I can say min 2.25 feet’s✓.
      in useal practice thumbroll we can observe of increased road height on year by years. A 20 years old house in city limit can be seen almost down from front road level, so floor height to be consider in such a way road will rise up half feet height on every 5 years.

  3. Asha H

    Useful article from flatsresale.com .. thanks for the informations