“Daily real estate Analyzer”-Tool :  Real estate & construction-LIVE performance/LIVE share price/reviews

        “Often market will reach untouchable peak,  mean while price will drop down to earth”.

For both the situation experts speaks,  “market is always right,  if the price is up sell it,  buy-once the market price is at lowest & this is the right time to invest”.  Demand & supply plays vital role.  Sometimes,  Price of the stock may extremely high for a bit of quantity.  where Increasing in demand will boost up towards increasing in supply.   The situation where the  Supply  start increasing to fulfill the demands at market.  at the moment market will ruling by sellers/supply.  which leads decrease the demand in market.

FlatsResale.com worked on the Research and tracking of growth / changes in Real estate sector, it has been derived a “Daily tracker” ,  which gives a prompt  NSE(National stocks exchange)  LIVE – Updates – “Daily real estate Analyzer” of  Exclusive 150 companies of real state/construction/Infrastructures sector across India, those companies depending on real state/construction/Infrastructures sector, dealing with supply of demands for verity of Development works/service/products.  Average “Gain” results of these 150 companies can be considered to Reflect the over all tracking updates on Real-estate/construction/infrastructure sector.


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  1. Suguna sathish

    Awsm tracking of real estate India.. useful information from flatsresale.com .. I regularly follow it.. thanks

  2. Alex

    Amazing article at flatsrsale.com, such real estate stocks all together in one place.. great effort 🙂