Concept of Vastu have its own limitations during architectural designing. Secrete of living comfort, harmony & health with vastu

Roughly, Space utilization during preparation of floor plan is almost restricted, because of vastu compatibility issue.

I seen 3 types of people

    Category-1.    Says, Hey it’s a marketing tactics, i don’t bother about this stuff,

    Category-2.   are simply loves it, that’s all.

    Category-3. They not only simply like it,  vastu is their 1st and necessary priority.

You do believe vastu? On which category you are in?   & why?

We are usually so excited about building our new home that we choose very fast one of the cool looking floor plans without taking the time to drill down on the crucial elements that will work for our family. Yes, we have already decided on the number of bathrooms, bedrooms or that we want an attic, but have we stopped to consider exactly what our true needs are? Only once we manage to determine the particular desires of our family members, we can get a clear picture of which floor plan will suit us best.

Our suggestion is to sit down with your wife or husband and even the children (if you have them) and let everyone tell how they want a house to look like. Maybe they will enrich your perspective with an opinion you hadn’t given a look yet. Office, separate bedrooms for kids, quiet reading spot, big kitchen? The list is endless, but it’s also unique to each family.

   Vastu is a  Ancient science of architecture,  having its principles still got a popularity of a strong believe in natural truth. It should not be a tool of marketing feature.

   Vastu is a hundreds of year trial & error research, on living comfort, harmony & health  with natural environment. Balancing of 5 necessary elements of nature,  such are Water, Air, Earth, Space, fire.   which is done by elders in history where the Vashu shastra comes to us.

   Estimated vastu shastra developed on 5th & 6th Century and specified rules regulation to design & architecture of the structures, which is based on image of energy lines on earth, positive energy & vibrations.

 Something proof is getting deriving on our every scientific research.

     Simply we prefer to building facing to East good for vastu, because morning sunlight containing amazing health benefits of Vitamin D & more natural healing elements such as skin issues, bones issues etc.. but west & south is not preferred to entrance door of house, just because heat of infra red rays on evening time may lead health hazards’.

    Vastu structures eliminating the negative energy & allows potential ability to live better life & peaceful.  Its clearly  make us understand that our elders knows Earth & the layers of atmospheres from troposphere to exosphere Simply between earth to sun.

Vastu shastra says, any structure or house or office space is so designed that the positive forces override the negative forces,  then there is a beneficial release of bio-energy,

Which helps to live a happy and healthy life. Evidently, Vastu is akin to the science of Geopathy.  the study of the faults within the earth as described above. In both these two disciplines, for instance, the presence of dampness, dressed stones, beehives and anthills are considered harmful for human habitation.

Geopathy recognizes that electromagnetic radiations that are cosmic in origin surrounds the globe, and that radiation distortions can make a site unsafe for construction. Geopathic stress may also attack the immune system and cause conditions like asthma, eczema, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome. Which make us believe on the secrete of living comfort, harmony & health with vastu.


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